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8/8/17 – After a long hiatus with travel for work and moving across states, I’ll be updating this more frequently as well as adding a lot more new content from a broader range of topics. Looking forward to getting back to doing what I enjoy.

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 I’m a huge fan of finding unique things, places, cuisine, and people on my adventures, whether they are short or long.

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 After nearly two years on my keyring that swaps between my belt and my duty belt, I started having problems switching modes on my Titan. It was beat to hell, the anodizing worn, they keyring hole wallowed out, but it never failed to turn on, it just turned into high-only instead of a two mode. A quick call to Surefire and about two weeks and I had a brand new one in my lap. I have a variety of Surefire lights, and while some are certainly modified, they always stand behind them on the rare occasion they do fail. Wish I would have asked for the old one back to do a side by side.  I love this lookout point over my new city.
 Out with the old and in with the new. Odyssey 34R to replace the Diehard Platinum PM1 that Sears won't warranty since it's discontinued. Got to the point where I could barely leave start my truck in the winter and couldn't leave my rear LED's on for more than 10-15 minutes without having a no start. So glad I had my Microstart XP1 to get me by until I had some time to replace things. Need to clean the wiring up at some point here soon. #odysseybattery #antigravitybatteries #microstart #fjcruiser  #tbt Fell in love with this area on my visits. So excited to finally be moving there in a week. #outofthecity #countryroads
 So, uh, this kind of happened. Now to make a 50qt mount for behind the driver's seat. @arb4x4usa  Yeah, go see this. You know who you are.
 While his heyday was long before my time, many of Chuck's songs were on my road trip playlists. He'll be missed. #route66  Reorganizing once again. I think I have the divider setup and layout finally down. Really loving these drawers.
 My commute home at 0700 for the last few weeks and the next 3 months straight. I suppose it's not too bad of a view...Remind me why I'm not complaining about 5 12hr and 2 8hr shifts per week.... #nightshift #whoneedssleep #OTnowforsummertimefun  Time to replace the old with the new. Will have an article on vehicle first aid kits coming up in the future as well. #allthecombatgauze #quikclot #ifak
 Couple things to knock out really quick on the new G43 before I head to the range in an hour or so. Need to put it through its paces before I start carrying it. Won't replace my G19 for carry, but it'll be a better option for some instances. #g43 #tarantactical #vickerstactical#singlestack9 #diy  Will be finishing up an article soon on the Tuffy FJ security drawer I swapped out my wood drawers for. It's been in a couple weeks now, wanted to get some road and use time with it before the write-up. Loving it so far, but I do have a list of advantages/disadvantages written down. Stay posted. #fjcruiser #fj #tuffysecurityproducts #securestorage #overland
 Who doesn't enjoy a nice sunrise at work.  Finishing up a radio install on my father's 100 Series LC today. Remote head Yaesu FT-7900R going in. Will snap some more photos of overhead speaker mount. Been an interesting project to keep everything as stock as possible.
 These are pretty much hands down the best tasting and best value cheese curds I've ever had. $4.50 gets you alllll of this. Best 1am snack on a 2000-0800 special assignment shift hours away from home. Half of these are normal cheese curds, the other half have jalapeños mixed into the breading/batter.

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